IPv4 Multicast Group Address Range

Complete IPv4 Class D range, defined by IANA, is reserved for Multicast: through

Link-Local addresses : - This address range is used by network protocols only on the local network segment. Routers do not forward these packets. These are also known as fixed-group addresses because they are well-known and predefined. TTL for this range Multicast Packets is 1. Below are some examples of  reserved Link Local addresses

Administratively scoped addresses: -  This range of addresses is used in private multicast domains, much like the private IP address ranges from RFC 1918. These addresses are not routed between domains, so they can be reused.

Globally scoped addresses: -  These addresses can be routed across an organization or the Internet, so they must be unique and globally significant.

Globally Scoped reserved address range: - This range of addresses are reserved and are routable (TTL>1). Below are few examples:

Network Time Protocol :
Cisco Auto-RP :