1.     Eplain 5 EIGRP packets in sequence.
  2.     Which packets are sent as multicast and which are sent as unicast?
  3.     What is difference in the output of commands “show ip EIGRP topology” and “show ip EIGRP topology all-links”?
  4.     What is criteria to become a Feasible Successor?
  5.     Explain DUAL and RTP algorithms used by EIGRP.
  6.     What is Stuck in Active in EIGRP?
  7.     Explain Variance by example.
  8.     If there are two paths in topology table, we are not able to include second path in the load-sharing using variance. Explain why?
  9.     Can we configure a router as STUB in EIGRP?
  10.     Explain query limiting in EIGRP, its methods and advantages?
  11.     How can we generate default route in EIRGP?
  12.     Explain SRTT and RTO counters in EIGRP neighbor table?
  13.     EIGRP uses 50% of the link-bandwidth. What does this mean?
  14.     How would you enale Authentication in EIGRP? Explain the process.
  15.     Which K parameters are considered by EIGRP for metric calculation?
  16.     Explain the process of metric calculation by EIGRP?
  17.     How do an EIGRP router comes to know the minimum bandwidth link in particular path to a destination?
  18.     What happens when a router couldn’t hear of the queries it had sent to its neighbors within 3mins?
  19.     When do the router send queries for a destination prefix?
  20.     EIGRP works at which layer of TCP/IP model?
  21.     What is protocol number for EIRGP?
  22.     What multicast address EIGRP uses for exchanging its messages?
  23.     What is default and maximum hop count support in EIGRP?
  24.     Can two EIGRP routers in a different differrent AS can communicate by default?
  25.     Please tell few advantages of running EIGRP protocol when compared to other IGPs.
  26.     Explain the terms AD, FD, FS in EIGRP?
  27.     What are default Hello/Hold timers for EIGRP? Can we change them?
  28.     When do a route goes in Active state in EIGRP?
  29.     What is difference between and Active, Passive, and Stuck in Active route?
  30.     What is an AD Value of EIGRP summary route?