1.     What is attach-bit in ISIS?
  2.     Explain the format of an NSAP address.
  3.     What are CNSP packets? CSNP packets are similar to which packet type in OSPF?
  4.     What are PSNP packets? For what two purposes PSNP packets are forwarded?
  5.     Can L1 router form an adjacency with an L2 router?
  6.     How many adjacencies are formed if two L1/L2 routers are connected to each other?
  7.     What is use of over-load bit in ISIS?
  8.     What is default metric of an ISIS link?
  9.     Can an ISIS peer be member of two areas at a time?
  10.     What is a function of an L2 router in ISIS?  Can we use an L1/L2 router for same purpose?
  11.     Integrated IS-IS can be used to send information about which routed protocols?
  12.     Do we have a backup DIS in ISIS?
  13.     Integrated IS-IS packets run directly on top of which layer?
  14.     What is default LSP refresh timer in ISIS database.
  15.     What is meant my PRC in ISIS?
  16.     Can you configure two NSAP address on an ISIS router? When do we configure the same?
  17.     What are possible reasons if ISIS neighborship is not coming up b/w two routers?