1.     Explain Split Horizon and Route Poisoning in RIP.
  2.     Can we use RIP in the topology having more than 15 hops?
  3.     What is Multicast address and UDP port used by RIP v2 packets?
  4.     What is destination address of RIP v1 packets?
  5.     What is default seed metric used by RIP when any IGP is redistributed in RIP without a specific metric?
  6.     What is default seed metric used by RIP when a static or default route is redistributed in RIP?
  7.     How can we configure RIPv2 using Unicast messages?
  8.     How can a Rip route advertisement be blocked on a specific interface?
  9.     Explain the RIP “Request” an “Response” messages.
  10.     How can we make RIP learn subnetted prefixes using RIP v1?
  11.     Write down the command for RIP route summarization.
  12.     How can you make RIP router running Ver1 with One router and Ver2 running with second router?
  13.     What is RIP route flush timer?