What is a uCPE?

uCPE (Universal Customer Premise Equipment) is one single device capable of handling multiple network functions. For example, Routing, Switching, Firewall, Load Balancer, etc functions hosted in a single device called a uCPE. You can simply say it a software-based CPE. uCPE is mainly used as a replacement of standard CE/WAN/edge device present at customer premises, in the SD-WAN deployment.

Below are the benefits of using a uCPE:

  • A uCPE can be configured using commodity Hardware (x86 Servers) using open-source software. For example, Linux(KVM hypervisor), VM Ware(ESXI), Openstack.
  • You can configure any network service over uCPE using VNF and NFV technologies. For example a Router, a Switch, a Firewall, an IDS or IPS, a Load Balancer, etc.
  • uCPE is a plug and play kind of equipment also referred to as Zero Touch deployment.
  • uCPE can be controlled Centrally from a centralized server (hosted on the internet or a provider's cloud or datacenter) by the service provider. The admin/Service provider can deploy any new VNF, do modifications in network policies, monitor the uCPE statistics and performance remotely. 
  • Configuring uCPE is flexible and scalable. A uCPE configured at a branch office can scale to a head office by dynamic integration of multiple other services on the same uCPE.